Nubian Markets is a fun, thoughtfully curated market cafe and gathering place celebrating the African Diaspora through food.

It is a celebration of the uniqueness, unrivaled history and culture represented in and around Nubian Square, Boston, Massachusetts. We celebrate our differences and commonalities through food in an atmosphere that welcomes all to enjoy bold, flavorful combinations and treasures found in our kitchen, our market,  and our farmer-driven humanely-raised, hand-slaughtered halal butchery.

Through Chef Driven Culinary exploration, our Chefs have created an unmatched display of innovative culinary artistry inspired by the love and flavors of our Umis and Aunties that have fed our families from Ramadan to Ramadan.

From soft tangy Ingira to butter-crisped cornbread and the quintessential yam to Sudanese ful, our selections are carefully driven by nostalgia, creativity and by sources and farms with names and a story.

Join us this summer in Nubian Square at as we begin our journey of  celebrating those stories through our playful innovative cuisine.

You can find us at 2565 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA, 02119.

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